What is Ritambhara?


These sayings got from our gurumandalam.

Asthi, Bhathi, Priyam are what remain upon deleting the name and form of matter that are learnt through the five Elements viz., eye, ear, nose, mouth and the body, is Asthi (exists), Bhathi (Aknowledged), Priyam (compassionate), and the quest towards this knowledge is called Ritambhara Jnanam.

Sarvendriya janyeshu jnaneshu ye vishayastheshu, satcid ananda amsa-asya anugadasya bhanam, na tvanugadayor nama roopayoho: idam ritanbhara jnanamithi prasidhdam saa pooja para jnanamithi……

This quest is called para puja.

The entire universe is of moving and nonmoving bodies. It should be contemplated that it is dipped in the nector of Advaita, the principle of non duality. Then all the matter that cause and of duality which are just imposed, are to be eliminated clean. Then the Sadhaka is blessed with supreme bliss. He then practices with unbound enthusiasm, further steps of Mananam, (repeatedly staying in this thought), nidhidhyasanam (continuous practice) and athmakochara vrithi i.e., performing actions conducive to this thought on Atma and recognize the Sivam in the form of Advaita. Thus the practice of contemplating as Chit on all and everything both inside the self and exterior as well, is called Para puja.

So we are practicing these concepts and teaching these as required.